Volunteering Kindness

A spotlight on a Journey Hospice volunteer who gives her time to make our patients’ days brighter.

The Journey Hospice team is a group of professionals focused on quality healthcare and treating each patient with the utmost dignity and respect. When a loved one faces a severe diagnosis, the friendly and caring staff at Journey Hospice can make all the difference in the world. Journey team members are trained to help each patient live as stress-free and pain-free as possible, from a simple embrace to a symptom-relieving aromatherapy session.

Volunteers like our very own Sharon Fish help make all the difference in our patient’s days here at Journey. Sharon discovered her passion for volunteering when she witnessed a family friend experience the benefits of hospice volunteer services and decided she wanted to give back in any way she could. She spends her free time with patients bringing a bright spot to their day through an array of services. Volunteer duties can vary and often include meaningful but straightforward tasks: reading bible verses, taking walks, sharing stories, and watching television shows.

 “Selflessly giving your time and energy to better the lives of others is an effort that should not be taken for granted. Journey Hospice knows the magnitude that the kindness of volunteers has on its patients.” said Sharon Fish, Journey Hospice Volunteer

Her friends and family will often remark on the selflessness of being a hospice volunteer, and she is quick to remind them that every volunteer gives only what they can spare and what they are comfortable doing.  Her advice to those considering becoming a volunteer is:

 “If you enjoy being with people, just give it a try! It has been a wonderful experience for me, and it could be for you too!”

Our care philosophy provides the unique approach and personalized attention of a smaller agency combined with the service and professionalism one would expect from a much larger organization. Our program is there to see people through their darkest days and we are always in need of volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or would like to learn more about our volunteer program, please visit our volunteer page.