Starting the Hospice Journey Early Has Lasting Benefits.

Patients in the US can be enrolled in hospice for at least the last six months of life. Admission is often delayed because it is believed that hospice care is reserved for only the last few days of life. Earlier enrollment into hospice care can have many benefits for the patients and their families. Here are some of the benefits of early hospice admission:

  • Improved comfort and pain management: Given a chance to care for a patient over a more extended period of time allows the medical professionals to provide individualized management of pain and other symptoms. Allowing the staff to become more acquainted with the patient’s needs will enable them to create a comfort plan adjusted over time so that the patient experiences as much relief as possible.
  • Access to necessary equipment: Hospice care includes necessary equipment, such as a hospital bed or a wheelchair, so that patients can be assisted at home more efficiently. Accessing items like this sooner allows the burden on caregivers to be eased while they manage the increasing needs of their loved ones.
  • Bereavement support: Earlier hospice admission allows time for the staff to offer bereavement support to both patients and their families. Early on, access to this support may help prepare them and lessen the overall grief experienced by family members.
  • Increased quality of life: By managing the patient’s pain, they can experience more quality time with loved ones and increased quality of life.  They can also experience less stress and anxiety because the patient is kept more comfortable and cared for during the final months of life.
  • More days of life: Earlier hospice enrollment is far more beneficial to patients and their loved ones than a last-minute admission in a state of crisis, and can result in more days of life for patients. By allowing them to receive personalized care and all the benefits hospice care can offer, you may gain more precious time with your loved ones.

A severe illness can be overwhelming for the entire family – but that’s where hospice care can help. Knowing the benefits that hospice care offers and making important decisions early on allows the patient to enjoy their best living.