Spiritual Care

Journey Hospice provides end-of-life spiritual care for each patient’s unique journey

The spiritual aspect of healing is woven into the very fabric of Journey Hospice. A program of Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey, Journey is faith-based at its foundation and mission-driven in its care.

Providing end-of-life spiritual care and counseling for each of our patients is paramount. Journey’s chaplain bonds with each family from the very beginning of care, ensuring the patient’s personal needs and requests are met with extraordinary care and attention to detail, regardless of a person’s denomination or religious beliefs.

Spiritual care for the patient is only the beginning. Family members receive counseling from spiritual staff to help cope with what is often a challenging time in a person’s life. Journey staff are experts at helping people to help their loved ones throughout their hospice care. Becoming involved by reading a book to the patient, sorting through photographs, or simply spending quality time can help stave off anticipatory grief and bring people a much-needed feeling of closeness.

After a patient passes, the spiritual care team at Journey Hospice coordinates bereavement counseling. Many loved ones find the spiritual and emotional support that bereavement counseling provides to be comforting in a difficult time.