At Journey Hospice, we are privileged to serve each and every patient.

We strive to provide our patients and their families with the highest level of care, compassion, respect and dignity. We are proud to share the following testimonials we have received from our families.

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Knowledge gave us comfort

Thank you to those of you who cared for our aunt, Mary Pike, these last months to make her days more comfortable so she was not alone at the end of her life. That knowledge gave us comfort since we were not able to be with her, physically, ourselves. It is a special gift you have, to help others in that need. May God bless you all in your generosity of time and talent.

The Family of Mary Pike

Outstanding professional manner

Thank you seems like a simple word to me. I want to take the time to express my gratitude for your professional services in providing care for my very special husband, Leroy. You and your special earthly angels made every day that they took care of him, feel that they loved and cared for me as well as my Leroy, thank you. I want you to know that when a person is transitioning on that journey to be with the Divine, they need special care which Leroy’s nurse, Anna, gave. When Leroy knew that Anna was coming, he would put his teeth in for her and his polo cologne on to smell good and that special smile, when she left. Please let Lorie know that she is the best angel that anyone can have here on this earth. Lorie is very efficient. She is top of the line in giving special care and represents your services in an outstanding professional manner. A special thank you goes out to Dr. Raab for all his support in the care of my Leroy, he is the best. I am so glad he is my doctor. Again, the Robertson family says thank you, God bless you as you bring comfort and care to the sick who are also on a journey. To all of the staff at Journey Hospice, be safe and blessed. I will always remember you for the care you gave to my Leroy. I am asking God to embrace all of you in Journey Hospice to whisper His love in your ears because love is the key.

Joan Robertson

Pastor Carol – a very special lady

Pastor Carol …. It isn’t very often that one meets a person that you immediately know they will become very special in your life, but the day I met you in my mother’s apartment at The Shores, I knew you were one of those people. I cannot express fully the beautiful and perfectly targeted homily you did on my mother, Midge, at the graveside service. You truly had spent much sweet time getting to know her life, joys, and deepest faith commitments. I was impressed with how you connected with our family and felt a deep contentment with the entire service as did many of the family members. You took us through the last days comfortably, with some sweet humor. Thank you for adjusting your schedule to be with us, and I thank you for communicating with me over the last weeks. You committed a lot of time and energy, and it was indeed appreciated. You are quite a special lady.

Janet Fuller

Kindness and compassion

To the Journey staff. I cannot thank you enough for all the love and care you gave to my dad. Your kindness and compassion will forever be appreciated. The nurses and aides went above and beyond to make my dad and to answer all our questions and concerns. I feel so blessed to have had my dad for so long (97 years). I will miss him, but find great comfort in knowing he is with the Lord and finally reunited with my sweet mom. With love and gratitude from my family.

Dawn, Harry and the Vanderslice Family

Such a blessing

Your concern and care for my Dad and the family has been such a blessing.

Denise K.

Care and devotion

We wish to thank you for all of the care and devotion which your organization bestowed upon our beloved mother, Olive.

Don & Pam H.

Kind and caring people

Thank you Journey Hospice for all you did for my husband. I have never met a group of kind and caring people as I did when Dan became one of your patients. You absolutely made a sad time bearable. Thank you!

Ceil Reilly

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