Pastor Carol – a very special lady

Pastor Carol …. It isn’t very often that one meets a person that you immediately know they will become very special in your life, but the day I met you in my mother’s apartment at The Shores, I knew you were one of those people.

I cannot express fully the beautiful and perfectly targeted homily you did on my mother, Midge, at the graveside service. You truly had spent much sweet time getting to know her life, joys, and deepest faith commitments. I was impressed with how you connected with our family and felt a deep contentment with the entire service as did many of the family members. You took us through the last days comfortably, with some sweet humor.

Thank you for adjusting your schedule to be with us, and I thank you for communicating with me over the last weeks. You committed a lot of time and energy, and it was indeed appreciated. You are quite a special lady.